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Mr. Generalao is an interactive designer, motion graphic designer and programmer. He currently works with multiple clients commercially and within the non-profit sector as a consultant, freelancer and commissioned artist.

When not working, Mr. Generalao is a mild-mannered father of 3 wonderful kids and a very lucky husband to a beautiful human being. He enjoys looking at objects and pondering thoughts.

Print/Digital Examples

I'm a designer both artistically and systemically. I also design thoughts and construct perspective.

I've been a professional artist and designer for the last 18 years specializing in computer based media. The work I've completed during that time is currently used by the U.S. Military, government entities, financial institutions.

Currently, I work as a consultant and freelancer on projects for commercial companies and non-profit organizations. This includes graphic design, art, web design, web development, POS programming, mobile app development, sound architecture, sound recording, video pre/post production, web hosting, and most other random things that businesses need.

My focus has always been research and development in technology. My goal is to continue creating new products and processes, both personally and for my clients.