Bar Mode is the secret Swiss Army Knife™ for established companies nationwide. I'm sure you've seen, purchased, experienced or used our work already.

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If you’ve made it this far and are asking “what is Bar Mode”… well then, we’re not sure what you’re doing here. Nonetheless, welcome! We are a tech design company.

What does that mean? We design the car that you drove to work in. You look at the heads-up display in your auto, we designed that as well. Uh-oh, the low-gas alert icon (that we designed) is lit… better stop at a gas station. Look at the 19 ads plastered on, over and around the gas pump. We designed those ads. You drag a disposable coffee cup off the top of the stack to get that well lit coffee dispenser (that we designed). The cup feels comfy and easy to hold onto. Yup, we did that. You eyeball the cashier’s cool outfit. Yup. That holiday packaging for that candy bar? Yup. There’s a radio commercial blaring over the speakers, we wrote, performed and recorded that jingle. That’s the same jingle from the television commercial that we filmed and edited, too. If you grab that WSJ, we have 15 separate client ads running in that edition. You haven’t even gotten to work yet, and you’ve run into our work more times than you could count.

We work under the radar of others thanks to the lack of advertising on our part. We simply do not have time for ourselves. We’d love more work! I would love to hire more employees and give them living wages.

99 things...

1. We take a vague idea that’s in your head and make it a reality.
2. We make your text easier to read.
3. We educate your buyers.
4. We make the complex understandable.
5. We turn something boring into something compelling.
6. We interpret data.
7. We help you sell more books.
8. We make you look professional.
9. We make you look like an expert.
10. We help you charge more money.
11. We help you attract better clients.
12. We increase the visibility of your business.
13. We add value to your business.
14. We build one of the most valuable intangible assets your business can have.
15. We make people want to keep reading.
16. We build your credibility.
17. We decrease your bounce rate.
18. We increase your open rate.
19. We help you understand why your brand identity is so important.
20. We explain what to expect when creating a new web site.
21. We help you launch your new business.
22. We keep your web site up and running.
23. We understand your ideal customer.
24. We understand how to communicate to your prospects.
25. We deliver your message in the most effective medium.
26. We help you decide whether to use words, pictures or video.
27. We tell you when you’re wasting money.
28. We get people to trust you.
29. We get people to like you.
30. We make it easy for people to buy from you.
31. We understand your business goals.
32. We help you reach your business goals.
33. We communicate for you.
34. We find just the right image to convey your message.
35. We get search engines to find your web site.

36. We get your prospects to find your web site.
37. We keep viewers on your web site longer.
38. We make sure you don’t look like a DIY start up.
39. We help your customers overcome their fears about buying from you.
40. We help you keep up with the ever-changing world of online marketing.
41. We help you understand why we chose a serif rather than a sans serif typeface.
42. We focus your readers’ attention on the right words.
43. We get your RSS feed working.
44. We set up your Google Analytics.
45. We show you how to read and interpret your Google Analytics data.
46. We explain why updating your web site content is critical.
47. We integrate your web site with your CRM.
48. We make each e-newsletter you send have people say “wow” instead of “ugh.”
49. We allow you to take credit card payments on your web site.
50. We increase your email list.
51. We stop you from sending spam.
52. We create charts and graphs that really convey the data.
53. We help you make your point.
54. We make your book easy-to-read.
55. We make your book compelling to pick up.
56. We make your signs helpful.
57. We make your clients comfortable.
58. We think like a designer.
59. We project your best image.
60. We organize your words.
61. We use imagery to convey your ideas.
62. We make your words more effective.
63. We make you look how you wish you were: approachable, smart, trust-worthy, funny, etc.
64. We coordinate your brand identity.
65. We give you the tools to maintain your own brand identity.
66. We teach you how to update your web site.

67. We give you a competitive advantage.
68. We help you grow your business.
69. We make your product look desirable.
70. We don’t waste money, We increase it.
71. We prioritize your messages.
72. We find printers who do the job right the first time.
73. We find the sign makers.
74. We find the screen printers.
75. We figure out the right label to print.
76. We put a face on an ideal customer.
77. We help you define your audience.
78. We coordinate your Twitter background with your brand identity.
79. We teach you how to use Twitter.
80. We help you decide whether you should use Twitter.
81. We make you more efficient with broadcasting your content.
82. We make it easy for you to repurpose your content.
83. We coordinate your web site, e-newsletter and social media.
84. We set up your Facebook page and have it automatically post your new blogs.
85. We set up your blog to automatically feed to your LinkedIn profile.
86. We explain the difference between CMYK and RGB.
87. We explain the difference between PMS and CMYK colors.
88. We explain when you need offset printing, and when digital printing is OK.
89. We make the color look right on screen and in print.
90. We find the right paper stock.
91. We find the right partners to produce our ideas.
92. We pick out just the right color.
93. We set up the files the right way so that the end result is what we were all expecting.
94. We help you expect higher prices.
95. We get people to take you seriously.
96. We get people to take your business seriously.
97. We get people to think you’re the real deal.
98. We help you earn respect.
99. We build your brand identity.

Taken from Visible Logic